ICT4D Websites

Participatory Methods (IDS)

This site provides resources on a range of methods for inclusive social development.
It explains what participatory methods are, where and how they have been used, their problems and potentials and the debates about them. The focus is on participatory approaches to strategic analysis and programme design, monitoring and evaluation. It also includes resources on participatory learning, research and communication in organisations, networks and communities.

Jenni Parker

Mobile Learning for Africa: beautifully designed mobilelearning toolkit and masters dissertation

iHub Research

Founded to counter under-representation of African researchers in ICT4D academic publications iHub Research brings together researchers from across the continent to collaborate and build African scholarship on technology for development

Grace Network

Grace conducts gender research in Africa and Arab Countries into ICTs for Empowerment in order to transform our gendered world.

Research ICT Africa

The Research ICT Africa Network conducts research on ICT policy and regulation that facilitates evidence-based and informed policy making for improved access, use and application of ICT for social development and economic growth.

Open ICT4D

Opening up development possibilities through ICTs: Openness and its applicability to the field of human development, and ICT4D

Communication for International Development

Communication for International Development ICT4D Network aggregating posts on ICT4D

Africa Women in Technology Crowd-Map

Initiated in partnership with Zambia's Women in Technology association 'Asikana Network' this crowdsourcing project is identifying and mapping women in technology initiatives across Africa

Africa Tech Hubs Crowd-Mapping

Initiated in partnership with Lukonga Lindunda, this crowd-map identified four times as many African Tech Hubs than were previously known to exist. 
Lukonga Lindunda is the co-Founder & Director of BongoHiive, Lusaka's Technology and Innovation hub.


Feminist reflection on global ICT policies and processes that support social justice and human rights