ICT4D Websites

Tactical Technology

Tools & Ideas to enable the effective use of information for progressive social change. Subversive technology at its best


Movements.org is harnessing digital solutions to Empower activists working in closed societies, Amplify their voices, and Inspire others to identify with their causes.


Sober assessment of realities in application of mobile technology for development and social justice. Hype free zone

London ICT4D Group Events

Monthly meet-up event of Geeks with Critiques. Actually just a crafty excuse for a drink with the ICT4D crowd

ELDIS - ICTs for Development

Eldis ICT4D portal from IDS, produced in partnership with CSDMS India, particularly highlights work which originates from the global South.

My ICT4D Stories on Scoop.it

Just random ICT4D stories that I save on Scoop.it 

ICT4D Collective, Royal Holloway, University of London

Website of the ICT4D Collective at Royal Holloway, University of London where I am a student

ICTlogy: Ismael Peña-López

The original and best repository of all things ICT4D by Catalan Professor Ismael Peña-López 

ICT4D.at Austrian ICT4D Network

Austrian network of ICT4D practitioners 

International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD)

Top ICT4D implementation agency from the low countries. Dutch NGO that believes ICT can help people to take charge of their own development