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Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 03:27

This is my second attempt at sketching out a calendar of ICT4D conferences scheduled for 2016.
Thanks to Laurent Straskraba, Edgar Nsheega and Richard Heeks for suggesting additions.
May is now looking very busy, but with many organisers yet to announce details there will be more to add.
Let me know what's missing and I'll do my best to update.
So far, I am certain to attend ICT4D 2016 in Ann Arbor, but I'm otherwise uncommitted.
What would you recommend?

Jan 25-28,   ITU, Global Emergency Telecommnuication Forum, Kuwait
Feb 17-18    Nordic ICT4D Fair, Kista, Sweden
Mar 7-18,     New Frontiers of the Internet of Things, Trieste, Italy
Apr 27-28    TICTeC Impacts of Civic Tech 2016, Barcelona, Spain
Mar 21-23    iSTEAMS2016 Africa Mobile Apps Development, Accra, Ghana
May 2-4       UNESCO Technology for Development Conference, Laucerne, Switzerland
May 2-6       WSIS Forum 2016, Geneva, Switzerland
May 16-19   From...

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