Top ICT4D Conferences of 2014

As everyone is making preparations for the final ICT4D conference of the year ICTD2013 in Cape Town I though I would have a first hack at putting together an calendar of ICT4D conferences scheduled for 2014. 
It seems that there you could eat-sleep + live tweet continuous ICT4D conference from late March through to the end of May but at this point I am not seeing anythging ICT4D confirmed for the second half of the year.
Mar 24-25, ICT for Disaster Managment, Algiers, Algeria 
Mar 25-28 Building Resilience Through Innovation, CRS ICT4D, Nairobi, Kenya
Mar 31-Apr 11, ITU World Telecom Development Conference, Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
Apr 8-9, Mobile Communcation for Development, Dakar, Senagal
Apr 13-17, WSIS+10 High-Level Event, Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
Apr 29-May 1st, eTechnologies & Networks for Development, Beirut, Lebanon 
May 18-21, Crisis Response & Management. Pennsylvania University, USA
May 22-23 IFIP 9.4 European Workshop on Iterative and Incremental Approaches to ICT4D, Aberdeen Scotland
May 21-23, eDemocracy & Open Government, Krems, Austria
May 28-30, eLearning Africa, Kampala, Uganda
Jun 3-5, Engaged Learning and ICT4D in the University Curriculum, Malaysia
Aug 25-27, NITC Conference in on ICTs for Inclusive Development, Sri Lanka
Aug 28, Tech4Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
Sep 8-10, CTO Forum: From Access to Inclusive Innovation, Bangladesh
Sep 23, GSMA Connected Women Conference, Atlanta
Oct 8-9, Tech4Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa
Nov 1st, AkiraChix African Women in Tech Conference, Nairobi  
Nov 3-4, IDIA ICTs for Inclusive Communities, South Africa
Nov 6-9 International Conference of Crisis Mappers, New York
Dec 3-4 eAg2014: Connected Agriculture, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dec 5-6, Dev2014 Symposium on Computing for Development, California
and in 2015...

May 15-15  ICTD 2015, Singapore
May 20-22, Opennness in ICT4D, IFIP, Nogombo, Sri Lanka
May 20-22, eLearning Africa, Addis, Ababa
Jun 27-30, Communitues & Technologies, Limerick, Ireland
Please let me know of any ICT4D conference missing from this list in the comments section or tweet me @phat_controller

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