Top Ten ICT4D Conferences of 2012

It seems that we need some sort of clearing house for scheduling ICT4D conferences. A quick review of events already announced for 2012 reveals that we have some ICT4D Conference Clashes this year. If you are still planning your event then perhaps consider either avoiding the second half of March and May or maybe piggy-back on someone else’s event – by scheduling in the same town on the days immediately preceding of following an existing event – so that we can reduce the environmental and financial costs of attending international conferences.

Bring on the day when we can enjoy meaningful online participation of any ICT4D conferences. There are some aspects of face-to-face meetings that will never be equalled online, but given that there are many more conferences happening every year than anyone can afford the time, money or carbon emissions to attend in person, it would be great to have the option of attending some events virtually.

…and this years Top Ten ICT4D Conferences are ….

Feb 28-29th, New Dehli, India: Mobiles for Development

Mar 12-15th, Atlanta, USA: ICTD 2012 - preceded on Mar 10-11th by co-located ACM DEV

Mar 19-23rd, Abuja, Nigeria: Idlelo5 – Free & Open Source Africa

Mar 21-24, Kampala, Uganda: ICT for Africa – eInclusion

May 14-18th, Geneva, Switzerland: WSIS Forum 2012

May 23-25th, Cotonou, Benin: e-Learning Africa

May 29-31st, Lausanne, Switzerland: Tech4Dev 2012

May 29th-Jun 1st, Cape Town, South Africa: Mobile Health Summit

Sep 5-6th, Kristiansand, Norway: IPID 2012 ICT4D Symposium

Nov 13-15th Kathmandu, Nepal: 6th ICT for Development & Education Conference

N.B. This draft, no doubt, contains errors or omissions so please let me know in the comments section below or at @phat_controller on twitter where amendments are required.

Thanks in advance.


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