ICT4D Masters Degrees Worldwide

Last week I had to do some 'quick & dirty' research online to work out whether the field of ICT4D was in its death throws as claimed by James BonTempo and Ken Banks or whether, as I have claimed elsewhere, rumours of the death of ICT4D have been greatly exaggerated.


One of the area's that I did a quick health-check on was the number of ICT4D courses offered internationally. My conclusion is that this is still a significant and growing area. There are undergrad and masters level ICT4D courses at a host of institutions, and the scope for PhDs is even greater.


Two excellent and comprehensive on-line lists of ICT4D courses are maintained by ICTlogy and by IPID. What I didn't find though was an up-to-date and simple list of masters programmes in ICT4D, so I am publishing one here (alphabetically by country).

Declaration of interest: I am a PhD candidate studying ICT4D at Royal Holloway, University of London


Bangladesh: BRAC University, Masters in Development Studies with electives in tech4dev, development informatics, etc.


England: University of East London, MSc in Information and Communication for Development


Royal Holloway, University of London, MSc in Practising Sustainable Development with ICT4D


University of Manchester, MSc in Information and Communication for Development


India: Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of ICT, MSc: ICT in Agriculture & Rural Development


Japan: Kobe Institute of Computing, Masters Programme: ICT Innovators Course (ICT4D)


Spain: Technical University of Madrid, Masters in Technology for Human Development


Malaysia: Institute of Social Informatics, Masters in Social Informatics and ICT4D


South Africa: University of Cape Town, Masters in ICTs for Development


Sweden: University of Stockholmdistance learning Masters in ICT4D

USA: University of Colorado, Bolder, MSc in Information and Communication for Development


As I said at the outset this was a piece of 'quick and dirty' internet research.
So I'm sure that I have made errors and.or omisions so please
let me know what needs to be added or amended.


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