25 ICT4D Conferences in 2016

This is my latest attempt at sketching out a calendar of ICT4D conferences scheduled for 2016. Thanks especially to Laurent Straskraba, Edgar Nsheega and to Richard Heeks and Larry Stillman for suggesting additions.
May and September look like peak conference months, but there are still a few more yet to announce. Let me know what's missing and I'll do my best to update.
So far, I am certain to attend ICT4D 2016 in Ann Arbor, but I'm otherwise uncommitted. But I do like the look of TicTec in Barcelona, Community Informatics in Italy, and the 1st African HCI conference in Nairobi.
What would you recommend?

Jan 25-28,   ITU, Global Emergency Telecommunication Forum, Kuwait
Feb 4           Peace Tech Summit, Washington, USA
Feb              Nordic ICT4D Fair, Kista, Sweden
Mar              New Frontiers of the Internet of Things, Trieste, Italy
Mar 21-23    iSTEAMS2016 Africa Mobile Apps Development, Accra, Ghana
Mar 30-1st   ICEDEG 2016 Conference on eDemocracy & eGovernment, Quito, Ecuador.
May 2-4       UNESCO Technology for Development Conference, Laucerne, Switzerland
May 2-6       WSIS Forum 2016, Geneva, Switzerland
May 4-6       16th Conference on Participatory Democracy, Matola, Mozambique
May 16-19   From Innovation to Impact: Tech to Achieve SDGs, Nairobi, Kenya
May 18-20   CONF-IRM 2016, Cape Town. South Africa
May 18-20   CeDEM16 Conference on e-Democracy & Open Gov, Krems, Austria
May 22-25   ISCRAM ICT & Crisis Response, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May 24-26   eLearning Africa, Cairo, Egypt
Jun 3-6,       ICTD 2016, Ann Arbor, USA
Jun 13-17    Pacific Science Technology & Innovation, Taipei, Taiwan
Aug 11-13   AMCIS ICTs in Global Development, San Diego, USA
Sep 8-9,      European Conference on Information Systems Management, Evora, Portugal
Sep 8-10     CPR South Conference on ICT Policy & Regulations, Zanzibar
Sep 9-11     Build Peace Through Technology, Berlin, Germany
Sep 12-14   WITFOR 2016 World Information Technology Forum, San José, Costa Rica
Oct 21-22    M4D Conference, Maputo, Mozambique
Nov 2-4       Community Informatics Conference, Prato, Italy. 
Nov 21-25   1st African HCI Conference, Nairobi, Kenya.
Dec 6-8       AfriComm 2016, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
If you have details of other ICT4D conferences that you think should be included in this list then please leave a comment or tweet me @phat_controller


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