ICT4D Conferences 2017

Here's a calendar of ICT4D conferences for 2017. 

There are still a few that have yet to announce or are under my radar. As usual May is the busiest month of the year for ICT4D conferences.
Please let me know what conference dates I am missing and I'll produce an updated version as and when possible.

Mar 27-29   EAI Conference on Emerging Technologies for Developing Countries, Marrakesh, Morocco
Apr 19-21    ICEDEG 2016 Conference on eDemocracy & eGovernment, Quito, Ecuador.
Apr 25-26    TICTeC Impacts of Civic Tech Conference 2017, Florence, Italy
May 8-10     2nd ICT for Africa Development Conference, Douala, Cameroon
May 15-18   ICT4D Conference, From Innovation to Impact, Hyderabad, India
May 16-18   Stockholm Internet Forum, Stockholm, Sweden
May 17-19   CeDEM17 Conference on eDemocracy & OpenGov, Krems, Austria
May 21-24   ISCRAM InfoSystems for Crisis Response, Albi, France
May 22-24   IFIP WG 9.4 ICTs for Social Harmony, Java, Indonesia
Jun 12-16    WSIS Forum 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
Jun 16-19    17th Conference on Participatory Democracy, Montreal, Canada
Jun 26-30    8th International Communities & Technology Conference, Troyes, France
July 3-6        World Conference on Computers in Education, Dublin, Ireland
July 11-13    e-Technologies and Networks for Development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sep 1-2        Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa, Madeira
Sep 27-29   e-Learning Africa, Port Louis, Mauritius
Nov 16-19   ICTD 2017, Lahore, Pakistan

Drop me a comment about corrections or additions - or tweet me @phat_controller
So far, I like the look of TicTec and IFIP. 

Which ones will you be attending?

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